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Training centre for healthcare professionals in Hastings

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Training Courses We Offer

At HW Training, we designed a variety of training courses and services to meet the frequent and developing demands of the workplace environment. Our workplace courses support Nurses and Healthcare Assistants across medical areas such as care, mental & physical health and the treatment and prevention of illnesses and injuries.

If you are unsure which course is right for you, HW Training can help by providing detailed information tailored to each sector and area you are currently working in or desire to work in. 

Browse the list of workplace training courses below and follow the link for any that may be of interest to you.

Mandatory Online Training Course Packages

Students in a classroom performing First Aid tasks

Workplace First Aid Training

Medication Administration Training

This compulsory healthcare assistant training course program has been designed for new and experienced health and social service workers to meet the regulatory requirements of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for all UK service providers.

The course is for people who wish to receive emergency first aid training. It is particularly suitable for designated first responders in smaller, low-risk work environments, such as small offices. The course covers first aid protocols for adult victims only.

Medication Administration Training is an excellent refresher course for healthcare professionals responsible for receiving, storing, administering and disposing of medications.

PMVA 3-Day Course

Patient Lying on the Bed

PMVA 1-Day Refresher

Man smiling to represent goof mental health

Mental Health Training

This 3-day Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMVA) Training is a mandatory requirement for any member of staff that works in a violent/aggressive setting, particularly within a mental health environment.

This Prevention Management of Violence and Aggression refresher course is essential for any member of staff that works in a violent/ aggressive setting, particularly within a mental health environment.

This training course aims to help staff understand different mental health illnesses and the appropriate management and treatment of these conditions in the community and within mental health hospitals. You will learn how to manage patients safely, and gain legal guidance on observation levels and sections of the Mental Health Act.

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Hastings Workplace Training Centre

HW Training can organise and provide our existing staff with additional training sessions to meet the specific needs and requirements of your facility.


We always aim to provide you with qualified service providers who will adapt to the environment of your establishment.

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