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Training courses in Hastings, East Sussex

A professional training centre offering training courses all year round, for delegates based throughout Hastings and East Sussex.

HW Training specialises in providing training courses primarily for healthcare professionals in the private and public sectors.

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Workplace Training

That works for you

HW Training is here to support healthcare professionals keep up-to-date with their training, using our online annual Mandatory Training Packages.

With over 7-years of experience, HW Training helps you find work through training courses and self-development. 

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Why HW Training?

Local Workplace Training Experts Here to Serve You

HW Training operates a training centre for healthcare professionals and thus enables us to meet the specific training needs that your establishment may require. Experienced tutors run the face-to-face sessions in our Hastings training centre. Sessions include workbooks and practical assessments with an option to record the session for later reading/viewing.

Our trainers are professionally trained and experienced people, who will provide you with informative and enjoyable training, but above all, making the subject easy to understand. We also keep the classroom content fresh and alive to provide a better knowledge-retention rate. Our learning solutions help you effectively achieve your training goals.


All our training facilities have up-to-the-minute training equipment, learning materials and refreshment facilities. HW Training guarantees the highest quality experience for our learners.

Take advantage of our face to face training, ensuring efficient delivery and retention of knowledge.

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Healthcare Training Courses For Your Career

Specialist courses to keep you up-to-date and working as well as helping you take the first step into the healthcare profession.

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Healthcare Workers
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Healthcare Assistant online courses

Healthcare Assistants' compulsory training course package

Workplace First Aid Training

Learn new first aid skills or refresh their existing first aid skills

PMVA  1-day Refresher

Prevention Management of Violence andAggression

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What experience do you need?

We would love to help you to take your first or next step into the world of healthcare. Our mandatory online training package might be the best place to start or maybe Workplace First Aid. We offer free consultations and support whatever your decision.

Take some time today and see what courses pique your interest.

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Unsure or not found what you're looking for?

Speak to one of our friendly team to see how we can help you by filling out the form below.

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Contact Us

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